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Saturday, 1 October 2022

video poker androidThe savviest real money casino game players are going to be seeking out the android casino games available to them on which they have the maximum winning opportunities, and it is often the case that Video Poker games do boast the highest possible long term expected return to player (RTP) percentages.

In this Android Video Poker playing guide we will enlighten you on just what variants of Video Poker you should be looking to play on your Android device and how you should play those games to ensure you do get a high long term expected payout percentage as you play them.

Turn the Auto Hold On

One thing you should always do to ensure you are playing any Android video poker game optimally is to turn on the auto hold option setting, as that way when you are dealt out your first five playing cards the game will hold the best cards for you instantly. It kind of takes a bit of the skill out of the game, but it does ensure you play optimally which maximises your chance of winning!

Look for High Paying Pay Tables

Another thing you should always be actively seeking out are video poker games that will return the very highest possible payout percentages.

The variant that does offer players playing optimally the best possible RTP is the game of All Aces video poker, however generally you will find most video poker games return 98 to over 99 percent of players stakes as winning payouts! You’ll struggle to find higher payout percentages from any other casino game.

Play Max Coin Hands

The jackpot paying hand combination on most video poker game pay tables is often the Royal Flush hand, and the payout awarded when you are dealt out that hand is often boosted in value, often quite significantly when you are playing maximum coin bets.

As such that is one thing you should always ensure you do, play each hand with the maximum coins in play on each hand if the variant you have chosen to play does have a max bet enhanced jackpot payout!

Adjust the Coin Values

One final thing that is always worth knowing about playing real money Android video poker games is that you will be given the ability of adjusting the coin value settings.

You should therefore always choose a coin value setting that will enable you to play maximum bet and max coin hands but for an affordable amount of cash based on the current available bankroll you have access too, so keep that in mind as you can win big even when playing for relatively low stake amounts!

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