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Thursday, 26 May 2022
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egyptian wilds

Three New ‘Must Go’ Jackpot Slots

We are often advising slot players to be on the lookout for slot games that offer a progressive jackpot that is guaranteed to hit by a certain amount. Those particular slot games are by far and away the very best ones to play when they jackpot is nearing their guaranteed hit value as they are of course about to hit!

However, it is true to say in the online slot playing environment such slots are in very short supply! But we are happy to announce that Paddy Power has chosen to add not one but three of those types of slot games to their current casino menu and as such it may be worth checking them out sooner rather than later.

If you have never come across such slots before then the way they have been designed is not too different than most other android video slots, for you will be able to trigger all manner of bonus games and bonus features depending on which slot you play.

What makes such slots unique however is that they have a progressive jackpot that isn’t going to rise in value indefinitely until a player spins in a winning combination, for as soon as the progressive jackpot reaches a pre-determined value they are going to be won! However, they can be won at any point in time before they do reach their guaranteed hit by amount!

You may be interested in giving these new slots some play time online and with that in mind below you will find an overview of just what each one of them has on offer via their base and bonus games and we will also let you know some unique facts and figures about these Must Go slot games too.

Egyptian Wilds Slot

This slot is actually the most played Must Go slot game and that is probably due to the way its bonus game plays out. When triggered which is by you spinning in just two of the bonus free spins symbols you are awarded with a set of 12 free spins. As they are playing off all wild symbols that spin in are locked into place for the duration of the bonus game.

Sphinx Gold Slot

If you are looking for a guaranteed hit by type slot to play then the Sphinx Gold slot may be an ideal one to play. This one is another popular game due to the fact there are several bonus games that can be triggered and the slot has a high 94.81 % RTP. This slot and the one above and below have progressive jackpots that are guaranteed to be won as soon as they reach €6000/£5000.

Pyramid Gold

The final slot game which has a Must Go progressive jackpot attached to it is the great looking Pyramid Gold slot. One average the jackpots on these three slots are won 23 times each month, so they are certainly slots worthy of every avid slot player’s attention!