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Monday, 19 October 2020
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Think Carefully Before Self Excluding

Its always good to see online and mobile casino sites taking action to ensure that anyone who is experiencing any type of gambling problem is going to be able to seek help and support with their problems, whilst also being able to take active steps to remove temptation from their way.

In fact, more and more Gambling Commissions and Gaming Authorities are actively looking at ways to protect players who cannot control their gaming, and as such you will find more and more casino sites are now offering their players the ability to self exclude.

When you self exclude yourself from an online casino site you will need to either make direct contact with a casino site, either via their live chat or by telephone, or you may simply need to fill in an online form requesting a self exclusion.

By self excluding yourself from any casino site or for that matter any type of gambling site you are then in effect banning yourself from playing at that casino site. Many casinos will give you an option in regards to how long that self imposed ban will be for, however they are usually at the very least 6 months long or you may decide to self impose a life time ban from any casino site.

A Word to Winners

However, a little word of caution, we are aware that when some players do win a huge amount of cash and they want to remove the possibility of reversing a withdrawal they have made of those winnings they may utilize the self exclusion service as a way to stop them reversing and then playing back those winnings.

As such if you do use the self exclusion facility offered at many casino sites you will find that you are unable to reverse that decision and as such will find yourself banned from that casino site until your chosen time limit for that self exclusion expires!

Some casino sites offer an alternative to the self exclusion service and that is often known as a take a break facility. When you make use of the feature you are not admitting to any kind of gambling problem you are simply putting into place a small time restriction on your ability to gamble at any one casino site.

Therefore, if you have just requested a withdrawal from any casino site and you do wish to remove any possible chance of you reversing that withdrawal and losing it back, then opt for the take a break facility as opposed to the self exclusion option!

There is of course a way that you can always remove the temptation to reverse a pending withdrawal and that is to stick to playing at our featured and showcased casino sites that offer instant winning payouts to their players, for when you do so you will never find your withdrawals are sitting there pending for any length of time as they are always paid out to you instantly and with no delay!