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Thursday, 26 May 2022
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Slot Game Team Play Frowned Upon By Online Casinos

One thing you may be tempted to do if you are about to sign up to an android casino site that you have never played at before is to do so in conjunction with your friends or family members. There has been something of a sharp increase in the number of players playing in a team like fashion to maximize their winning chances by claiming multiple welcome bonus offers.

Team playing is such that instead of one single person for example claiming a high valued welcome deposit match bonus offer, several players will all sign up at the same site and each will claim that bonus but will be pooling their resources to allow them to have a much more increased chance of winning by using those generous bonuses collectively.

This is of course something that all online casino sites will frown upon and there has been many players banned recently for playing in such a way, as believe it or not it does give them something of an advantage over the casino when they play this way!

What those players all tend to do which makes spotting their team play quite easy for an online or mobile casino site is to all sign up initially and make the maximum deposit to get the maximum deposit match bonus credits and then they will all set about playing exactly the same game for the same high stake amount.

If those team players move around from casino to casino they can quickly increase their overall winning chances, and have been known to win some very large amounts of cash. Unfortunately many players have been classed as team players when they haven’t been playing alongside other players as part of a team of bonus hunters.

What the Casinos Look For

To avoid you being classed as such you should always ensure that you do not sign up at any online or mobile casino site that another member of your household has signed up to, for if you have signed up to such a site from the same device as another player or one that shares the same IP address as you then you are likely to find yourself being banned.

If for example you and your partner, husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend live together in the same house but you would like to play at any casino site then you are best off signing up to different casinos that are not linked in any way to any other casino.

Playing at one casino via two different accounts, even if there are two different players in your home is something no casino site will tolerate as they are likely to think you are one person trying to take advantage of their bonuses and promotions.

So follow our advice and never open more than one account at any casino sites owned by the same company, if your partner does enjoy playing casino games then make sure you know which casinos they are a member of and stay very clear of those casinos to avoid any potential problems!