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Thursday, 26 May 2022
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New Collective Bonus Game BetSoft Slot

Many slot game designers are experimenting with a range of new slots on which the bonus games are not triggered in the unusual way. That is probably due to players getting a little tired and frustrated at playing slots offering a bonus game triggered via bonus or scatter symbols and those players always getting lots of near misses!

You have probably been playing lots of slots in the past and have experienced times when two of the bonus symbol or scatter symbols did spin in but that bonus game triggering third symbol always seemed to avoid spinning in!

If that is something you have grown a little tired of then get yourself over to a casino site offering the BetSoft 3D range of slots and give their Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde slot some play time!

That slot offers one of those new collective bonus games, and as such when playing off each base game spin you will be hoping it is the Red Potion symbols you spin in, as by filling up the Potion Meter with 100 of those symbols you will then get to trigger its free spins bonus game!

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Collective Free Spins Feature

What makes that free spins bonus game a tad more exciting to play off is that it also boasts a collective type of feature however it is one you will not want to complete!

For when you are playing off your free spins there are no limits as to the number of them you can play off, instead that bonus game will only end when you have spun in and collected 12 of the Blue Potion symbols.

However, the bonus game can end in one other way and that is when you manage to accumulate the maximum payout possible on this slot which is a whopping 480,000 coins in total from that bonus game.

One word of warning however in regards to playing not only the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde slot but any other slot on which there is any type of collective bonus game, and that is you can often find yourself forced to carry on playing them when you only require one or a small number of bonus symbols to trigger their respective bonus games.

When playing the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde slot those Red Potion symbols you have saved up will be available the next time you play that slot, and as such you are not going to face losing them if you stop playing it which can be the case if you play some other similar types of slots from other slot game designers.

Whilst the bonus game on this Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde slot can due to its design be a huge paying one, there is always a risk you may spin in lots of the bonus game ending Blue Potion symbols quickly when playing off your free spins!

So expect a fair mix of high paying and lower paying bonus rounds when that bonus game has been triggered, and never chase that bonus game or you may spend way more than you intended to do trying to trigger it!