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Friday, 18 September 2020
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Mr Green Introduces Player Gaming Limit Settings

It is of course always good to see an online and mobile casino site operator taking their social responsibilities seriously, and that is something you will always find Mr Green Casino has a true commitment to doing. As a long established and fully licensed and regulated casino, they are one of the more trustworthy names in the business.

One thing that you should always do as a player is play responsibly, which will see you playing well within your means and also knowing when to stop. That is in fact much easier to do now at Mr Green Casino for they have just introduced a range of player gaming limit settings.

You are going to have several different ways that you can set a range of gaming and wagering limits as soon as you log into your Mr Green Casino account in the real money playing environment, and below is a complete and in-depth overview of the player limit settings options you will be able to make full use of.

Deposit Limits – You will be able to set a total amount that you can deposit into your mobile casino account held at Mr Green Casino over any time period and as such by doing so you will then not be able to make any additional deposits once you have deposit in total and collectively your preferred maximum deposit limit, until the time selected expires.

Loss Limits – You will never want to gamble more than you can afford to lose and if you think you may have a tendency to carry on gambling when you should have stopped, then simply make use of the loss limit option setting available as that will allow you to stay in full control of your gambling at Mr Green Casinos mobile site.

Wagering Time Limits – Also another handy feature that you may be interested in making use of is the wagering time limit option, you can select a range of different time limits and once you have been playing any of their casino games for that period of time then you will get an onscreen warning alerting you when you have reached your chosen limit!

Fast Payouts Too! – One final thing to note about Mr Green Casino is that they do payout rapidly and as such you are never going to be tempted to reverse any withdrawals you make, which is sadly something a lot of players are tempted to do.