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Saturday, 2 July 2022
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Mobile Slots Designed with Disconnection Protection

Going on something of a learning curve is what every slot player is going to have to do as soon as they start playing slots in a playing environment that they are not used to. As such if you have been thinking of playing mobile slots but are a little worried about doing so then the following news story is going to be worth reading through.

One of the main concerns that first time mobile slot players may have is what happens if for any reason you are playing a slot but you lose your connection to the internet. That is of course something you may do if you are travelling in a car for example or a train as when connection to a mobile signal that connection could drop out at any time.

By playing at any of the featured and showcased mobile casino sites you will see listed and reviewed around our website out will find each of them have something known as a disconnect protection built into them.

As such if you are playing a slot and your connection does go down then you will not lose out on that spin! Below you will find what may happen when playing mobile slots if your connection to the internet goes down and how the disconnect protection will remedy that situation.

Base Game Spin Disconnection

You never know when you may lose your connection to the mobile web when playing any type of casino games however one thing you will not want to do is to lose out when you do suffer a disconnection!

If you have just tapped onto the spin button when playing a mobile slot game and your connection goes down then when you next log into the casino app having re-established a connection to the app the outcome of that spin will be display don’t he screen for you.

Bonus Game Disconnection

If you are playing off a bonus game and you lose your connection then do not panic! For when you log back into the casino app and launch the slot you were playing if for example you were part way through playing off a set of free spins those free spins can then be sent playing off from the one you last played off.

If you were playing off a pick and match or pick and win type of bonus game then you will be able to carry on playing off that bonus game from the point were your connection was lost, so you will never lose out financially if such a situation occurs.

Spotting a Disconnection

One way that you are easily going to be able to spot if you have suffered from a disconnection when playing any mobile slot is that the slot reels may continually spin and never actually stop! If that is the case then you will need to close down the casino app and launch it again once you have re-established your connection to the web.