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Thursday, 26 May 2022
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Do Desktop or Mobile Slots Offer the Best Playing Experience?

You are always going to be faced with lots of decisions when you next fancy getting stuck into playing android slot games, and one of those decisions is just which playing environment you wish to play them in!

If you fancy playing slots online then you will find hundreds of different casino sites to pick and choose from and tens of thousands of different slot games to play too! However, if you unsure as to whether playing online slots or playing via a mobile device is going to be more to your liking then please read on as we will enlighten you as to the benefits of playing in each playing environment.

Biggest Range of Slots

If you want to have access to the biggest range of slot machines then you will be much better off playing at an online casino as opposed to a mobile one, as most online casinos offer players hundreds of different slot games whereas a mobile casino app will only have a few dozen type of slot machines available!

Highest Paying Progressives

Should you be more interested in playing progressive jackpot awarding slot games then one thing that you will find of interest is that both online and mobile casino sites tend to have more or less the same number of those types of slot games on offer.

In fact, casinos that utilize the same suppliers slot games will have slots that share the same jackpots so you have just a much chance of winning a progressive no matter in which playing environment you choose!

Best Slot Bonuses

You may find the best valued slot bonuses are being given away to online players, as mobile players tend to make just small nominal deposits and as such those players tend not to be offered the very highest deposit match type bonuses.

However, do shop around for every casino site will have their own range of bonuses on offer and there is plenty of value to be had by comparing the size and variety of bonuses available to you!

Most New Slot Games

All of the major slot game designers such as Playtech, Microgaming and NetEnt have chosen to launch all of their very latest slot games on both their mobile and online aiming platform at the same time!

As such you are always goingto find plenty of new slot machines to play no matter whether you are playing at an online casino site or logged into a casino app, as long as those apps and casino sites are powered by any of those three companies named above!

High RTP’s

The long term expected payouts percentages available on online and mobile slot games that are supplied by the same company are not going to change in value at mobile or online casino sites, and as such you will never be forced to make any compromises in regards to your winning chances when playing online slots or those you access via a mobile device!