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Saturday, 2 July 2022
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Double Magic Slot

triple magic slot android

Overall impression

Graphics - 84%
Gameplay - 89%
Bonuses - 94%
Value - 94%
Game Information
Name: Double Magic
Software: Microgaming
Game Type: Classic slot
Paylines: 1
Progressive: No
reels: 3
Whats hot: Whats not so hot:
Nice and Simple 2 Coin Maximum
Retro Feel

Where to play?

A simple and very easy to play classic mobile slot machine is this Double Magic game. Just one payline can be played on each spin you make! Double Magic is powered by Microgaming and available at our favourite Android casinos.

Overview of the Double Magic Slot

You are always in control when playing this Double Magic slot, as all of the stake values are adjustable.

  • One Payline: There is only one payline available on this Double Magic classic slot game from Microgaming.
  • Various Coin Value Settings: The minimum coin value at which you can set this slot to play is 0.05 and the maximum is 5.00
  • Minimum and Maximum Coins: You can choose to play this slot with either one or two coins in play on the payline.
  • Jackpot Payouts: When you play just one coin on the payline the jackpot is worth 800 coins, this becomes 1,600 coins for a 2 coin spin.

Double Magic Wild Symbols

The jackpot symbol on this Double Magic slot is also the Wild symbol. This is the Star symbol, which also acts as a Multiplier.

  • One Wild Symbol: Should you spin in one Wild Star symbol and it helps to complete a winning combination, that win is doubled in value.
  • Two Wild Symbols: If you get two Wild Star symbols helping to complete a winning combination that win will be quadrupled in value.

Get a row of three of the Wild Star symbols the jackpot payout as mentioned above is awarded. No multiplier is awarded for a three of a kind jackpot win.

Double Magic Slot Paytable

This Double Magic slot game has a generous paytable and below are the payouts for spinning in certain winning combinations.

  • Cherry Symbol: One Cherry symbol anywhere in view on the payline awards 2 coins and 4 coins for a one or two coin spin respectively.
  • Three Mixed Bars Symbols: Three mixed Bar symbols will award 3 coins for a one coin spin and 6 coins for a two coin spin.
  • Two Cherry Symbols: Two Cherry symbols anywhere on the payline awards 5 and 10 coins for a one or two coin spin respectively.
  • Three Single Bar Symbols: 10 and 20 coins are awarded when you get three Single Bars when playing one or two coins respectively.
  • Three Cherry Symbols: Three of these symbols pays 20 coins for a one coin spin, and 40 coins for a two coin spin.
  • Three Double Bar Symbols: You will win 25 and 50 coins when you get three Double Bars when playing one or two coins respectively.
  • Three Triple Bar Symbols: A one coin spin resulting in three Triple Bars pays 50 coins and a two coin payout is worth 100 coins.
  • Three Red Sevens Symbols: When playing a one coin spin three Red Sevens awards 100 coins and a two coin spin awards 200 coins.
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