The Best Online Casinos for Android Users
Friday, 12 August 2022
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Find the Right Android Mobile Gambling Site For You

There was a time where by far IOS products from Apple were the most popular mobile product on the market. As a result, when the mobile casino boom hit, their users were the ones who got the lion’s share of the highest quality products. However, thanks to the hard work spent developing new technology by the guys at Android, they have nearly doubled their mobile market share from 24.45% in 2012 to 44.96% in 2018. This puts their market share at less than 10% below Apple.

As a result, casino operators have had to take note and begin catering for Android mobile users too. Naturally, this is great news for all Android users, as they can now enjoy the same high-quality mobile gaming that IOS users have enjoyed for some time.

You should head over to to find a selection of great Android casinos, but first, here are a few things to look out for before you pick one.

Game Selection on Android

The first thing to consider before settling down at your new Android casino is the range of games offered. Most people assume that when you log on and play from your mobile device you can get an identical service. However, this isn’t necessarily the case and if you look carefully you will notice that some mobile versions of online casinos have a smaller selection of games. Although you will still have a lot on offer on your mobile, you may want to double check that your favourite game will also be available when you log on from your phone.

Specs & Design

Although the best mobile casinos have now fully optimised their casino for Android, there are still a few that lack some features for Android that their IOS versions have, or even, don’t have a fully working site for Android at all. This can mean you lose game stream-quality or design aspects as a result. This goes double if you are looking to play on Android tablets. In this day and age, this is increasingly rare, but why settle for less when there are plenty of mobile casinos that have gone the extra mile for Android users of all kinds.

Mobile App

Whether you are into apps or not, having the option is always nice. The best thing about casino apps is the fact if you purchase them from Google Play it is guaranteed that they will fully optimised for your Android. Having an app will allow you to keep all your favourite features about your casino in one neat little package, with everything easy to access. The downside is they will use a bit of your memory, but if you are serious about convenience this shouldn’t be an issue.

Mobile Bonuses

If you are going mobile, then you should make the most of it with a mobile bonus. These are little rewards, in the form of free bets, spins or bonus money, that are given to you as a thank you for opting to use their mobile site. They may be a one-off for using the Android version for the first time or a recurring deal that you can claim every week or so on your phone. Either way, they couldn’t easier to claim and if you are looking to play mobile anyway then you have no reason not to get involved.